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It’s going to get smoked!!!

T came on home on Friday night …had gone out for a fish and after only 40 minutes came back with this…..a 71/2lb sea run Trout.


We decided we would cold smoke it…so it was filleted and we put it in salt over night to cure …


This morning it was washed off and then left in clear water for an hour and now it’s back in the fridge until tomorrow when it will go in the cold smoker …


There is also a smaller Trout (top left) that T’s mate caught and has asked us to smoke…Unlike the bigger one it was caught in as a lake….much pinker colour.


Trout for tea!! Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but here in NZ you can’t actually buy Trout in the shops (in fact it’s illegal) it’s not commercially reared / produced so you can only eat what you catch…

Luckily for me T likes fly fishing so throughout the year we have quite a few trout dinners…this one was hot smoked and just served with a nice green salad and some lovely fresh bread.


Hot smoked Trout..


Here in New Zealand you can’t buy Trout so you can only eat what you’ve caught….fortunately hubby is VERY fond of fishing, particularly fly fishing…handy eh?

So a little brown sugar, salt, pepper and dill and spread the mix on the fish…into the smoker (we use manuka chips)…about half and hour…done….YUMMY!