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Simple Christmas Tree….

So Christmas is all done and dusted but I thought I would share about our “tree” .

This year as I was due to have surgery on the 20th (it didn’t happen by the way much to my relief…right before Christmas I mean…really!)…we decided we would go for a minimalist Christmas. Couldn’t face the thought of getting the tree up and down from the loft..not that my neck in it’s current state would have allowed such activity…so after seeing the effect at my lovely neighbour’s house we decided to do the same thing.

A string of lights and some Command hooks (these are in NZ and are the type you can peel them off after)…we had some Christmas deccies that hadn’t made it into the box last year and a load of Candy Canes …job done …no dogs knocking things off or trashing the tree and easy to put up and take down….I think I might be hooked although I don’t think our son was Thinking smile

Maybe next year I’ll see if I can get away with doing it again but using more lights with different colours perhaps and a bigger jar at the bottom to make the light “trunk” …still not sure the small person will buy it a next time but you never know.