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More Lambs….


Margo had  a little girl ..who is pretty big on the lamb scales….not a bit of white on her so Ebony (she’s not a full Gotland so not going for a Swedish name…)


On the flip side we have had the smallest lamb born …we’ve decided to call her Brigitte (a more cosmopolitan Bridget…..the midget Winking smile)

She is VERY cute but she is so small…I wasn’t sure if she would survive but she’s still here a week on …she’s just soooo tiny…..don’t tell my hubby but I think I might have another forever sheep Who me?

More Lambs…and the lovely Barbara

Barbara has had twins yesterday afternoon…..and LOL – well he’s over all these babies here again!!!
Margo is still to have hers (if she’s pregnant…can’t tell under all that fleece!) but can’t near to her to find out what’s going on and checked Livvi (Dotty’s sister …Barbs twins from last year) over today and she’s pregnant! So 7 lambs so far ? how many to come.
Those little ones are really loud LOL!!

Busy times…Spring has sprung.

Lambs…I got my times wrong!!!! I was sure the lambs were due at the beginning of November but obviously not because on the 30th September Baarbara gave birth to twins (2 little ewes) some time during the night.

I got home from work and there she was sat in the field with her babies…..later that day and Margo produced twins (1 ewe and 1 ram) as well and the next day Freyja not to be outdone had two babies (1 ewe and 1 ram) as well. So from 3 girls 6 babies …this is a big deal for us…when you only keep a few sheep and it is partly about providing meat  for you during the year then it makes a big difference….and ewes some of which we can keep to go towards having breeding ewes for the future.

DSC03034  DSC03046


Our other ewes haven’t done anything yet but they could be due November…who knows!! Rolling on the floor laughing