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A Couple of months on…..


Amazing how quickly these furry babies grow…

One man and his dog….


Not much else to say really…they are rapidly becoming inseparable Smile

A few weeks on…..

Jack has been with us a few weeks now…seems to like being here but just walking around the paddocks seems like a marathon to the little fella …..


Happy Easter Honey…..

Today instead of getting my dear husband a chocolate Easter egg I thought we’d go for something a bit different…..

So we drove a bit (about and hour and a half bit actually) up the road to Kaikoura…and we got him a Chocolate Labrador …much healthier eh ? Winking smile

So here he is …Jack.

Jack 24.03.08

He picked OH and was quite insistent about it actually..he wasn’t so sure about his choice once he was in the car but he coped pretty well ..then when we got home and put him on the lawn he promptly threw up …..hope that’s not an indication of the future LOL!!

First thing I did before anything else was stick him in the sink and give him a good wash..he wasn’t terribly impressed by that I have to say but he smelt pretty rank so it wasn’t up for negotiation….now every hair on his little chocolate body looks (and smells) lovely x