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Update on the fencing…..

Thought I’d take a couple of pics of the fencing now it’s been stained…
















Not bad for some old pallets eh?

They’ve been up now since September (yeah I know it’s taken me a while to get them finished but there always seems to be so many things that need doing…). They’ve worked really well and kept the dogs from running all over the show so I’m a happy bunny 🙂 ….now all I need to do is how to work out how to landscape the garden now the dogs have turned it into a dust bath!!!  If anyone out there in the ether has any ideas they will be gratefully received …I’m thinking along the lines of a courtyard – recycled bricks maybe.

Instant fencing…and not quite so instant gates.

We have fenced our back garden…somewhere for the dogs to be during the day when it’s nice weather rather than being cooped up in the house all day.

We can get hold of 5 metre pallets so decided they would make the perfect fence and be easily adapted t make gates….very cheap compared to “proper fencing” and I think nice looking. Never mind the smug feeling I get when I add up how much we saved and that we are recycling stuff and putting it to use for something else.

This was so easy as it fitted perfectly …instant fence!

and gates…..

Happy with these and when they are stained I think they will be as good as.