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Hunter themed cake …

I had a request for a hunter themed cake for a 21 year old….I’ve not done something like this before but I wanted to learn something else, which is what I try to do whenever I make a cake.

DSC00858Camouflage cake on the inside…well it’s got be interesting inside and out…the filling was Vanilla which was coloured Camo.


Stacked to create a hill side




Covered in fondant and then hand painted (I don’t have an airbrush….. yet)



DSC00866 DSC00867











I learnt something new and that was if you make your own piping gel you need to make sure that you make it so it will set…..because otherwise you have to go round to your friends house and create a rock pool to accommodate the overflow where the waterfall did what waterfalls do and flowed….it’s a pity I didn’t get a photo of it because it was quite inspired lol!!