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Silverstone….a cakey tribute.


Moist chocolate (with beetroot,which is why it’s so moist) cake. With a chequered flag and the outline of the Silverstone track in fondant.


Monkey Cake


Well another day another cake…

I was asked by a friend of mine if I could make a cake for her great niece who is going to be one….how could I not.               

A monkey……….                                                                                          I’ve never made DSC04140a monkey before…so to be honest I was a bit nervous of what was going to be the main decoration.I wanted to make the cake so that everything…I mean everything was edible…So absolutely NO bits holding bits in or supporting things. I didn’t want to run the risk of a little person getting hold of anything they shouldn’t…….. Anyhooo…..

I had planned on just icing it and then putting all the bits and bobs on tomorrow morning but as often happens I started and then before I knew it it was time to get ready for work!!!…. and it was finished!!                            

Another little Unicorn…..


This is the cake I was doing between Christmas and New Year… there were a few differences …well there had to be didn’t there…couldn’t have two the same could I?


So the basis was the same with the Rainbow but I thought I would change what the unicorn was sat on …rather than a heart on Rainbow coloured leaves….the little one was 2 so no sticks for stars I really wanted this all edible….I did a more rainbow coloured mane on the unicorn and covered her with more flowers behind.

I still did some flowers for interest on the back but this time an addition.…a fairy door…. I saw one on the internet made in polymer clay and thought it looked so cute I would do something similar in fondant.


                                                   It was great because a whole story could begin for Neve……

                                                                                       DSC03621                                         ……Look for the fairy door and when you blow the candles out you can make a wish and the fairies can hear from behind the door…  

Her little face was a picture..and her Mum got very excited when they were looking over the cake and found the Fairy door….”Neve, Neve I found the fairy door!!!”  and then got really embarassed because she had perhaps bought into the idea of the fairy door a little bit too much maybe Be right back !!!

A short while later whilst her mum and I were having a chat Neve sneaked back into the pantry and all we heard was this whispered “WOW”…….Now that’s what it’s about.

There is another Unicorn cake (obviously not the same…heaven forbid!!) if you’d like to look.…..https://shadeydaze.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/unicorn-rainbow-birthday-cake/

Unicorn & Rainbow Birthday cake

Well my interpretation of them anyway….

So you start with a few bits of fondant icing…DSC03472and….




You end up with something like this…..my version of a Unicorn

DSC03496   DSC03494

Then because you didn’t tear your hair out enough trying to make the unicorn…you decide you will make hundreds of little flowers and stick them individually on the cake to make the “Rainbow”…yes I did that Flirt male…and it was so relaxing I couldn’t believe it ….no seriously…I lost a few hours just sticking on flowers and it was really relaxing!! (well apart from nearly getting repetitive strain injury from punching out flowers)…I love the gel colours because the colour you get is more “true” if you know what I mean….

So the final cake…


The flowers on the board are to hold the candles…I don’t know why I just don’t find a place on a cake to put candles so I like to think of things to do to put them in on the board.


A view from the top (this was before the other bits and bobs went on)…..


and a sneaky peak around the back …well it’s got to have an interesting bit …it’s so easy to forget the “back” of cake …if there is one….



……….Does a round cake have a back to it?

I did another Unicorn…not the same obviously (can’t have that!!) but if you’d like to have a look…… https://shadeydaze.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/another-little-unicorn/

Cowboy cake continued….

Well I cracked on today and got it finished..so here it is…I added some bits of foliage to fill in bare sections.,,,brown and raw sugar was used for sand (to give different textures of sand). The logs in the fire are flake chocolate bar cut up into logs and I stuck the candles in so they will be the flames of the fire.


DSC03019You might have noticed (if you read the previous post) that the large cactus had a bit of a mishap …I found that one of the “arms” was a little loose and because I didn’t want it dropping off before the party O decided to adapt it a bit…..so it became a newly emerging cactus coming out of the ground……..I coloured some fondant with a bit of yellow and then put it through the rollers of my pasta maker (to make angel hair pasta)…that became my version of tumble weed.

Anyhoo..hope he likes it Fingers crossed

Dolphin cake..


This was a cake I made for a friend’s little girl for her birthday…it was a very simple design really but she loved it so that was the main thing….all edible again. I make everything edible if at all possible ..otherwise what’s the point?!

Flowers cake ….

This was for a colleague …I did this quite quickly but I was still pleased with it and the main thing so was she…I did do a bit of a plan for the decorations but it evolved into something else completely …I don’t know why I bother LOL!

Cheeseboard cake ..

This was for a friend for her 50th birthday..Clare is very into making her own cheese (which by the way is fantastic!) so this was my offering to her a cheese board cake.. Everything is edible..I really enjoyed making this.

It was all hand painted …no special tools…just knives, spoons, the end of icing nozzles (to make the screw heads in the cheeseboard) and a bit of food colouring (and vodka to mix it so it goes further and dries better).

Under the Sea Cake ..

This was my first attempt at making things with fondant icing…it was my little boys first birthday and he loved the shower curtain we had just bought, so I thought I would go for “Under the Sea”..he recognised the things on top so that was a bonus!

I think if I’m honest I was so very pleased with myself (and relieved!!) that I was hooked on fondant from then on….either way it’s a cake I was and still am proud of.