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Cheeseboard cake ..

This was for a friend for her 50th birthday..Clare is very into making her own cheese (which by the way is fantastic!) so this was my offering to her a cheese board cake.. Everything is edible..I really enjoyed making this.

It was all hand painted …no special tools…just knives, spoons, the end of icing nozzles (to make the screw heads in the cheeseboard) and a bit of food colouring (and vodka to mix it so it goes further and dries better).


This is not really “butter” but have no idea what you would call it…jam maybe but not really..anyway as my husband said …it looks a bit like sump oil (charming!!!) but if you like something a bit different then this is lovely…goes really nicely with cheese and crackers.
1kg Courgettes
300g Sugar
1tsp Ground Cloves
1tsp Ground Cinnamon
Pop it all in a pan and then bring to the boil..turn down to a low boil and leave for about 45 minutes stirring frequently. It should be gloopy (technical word there!) by this time …pop it into sterilised jars. 


I made Ricotta from the whey I gathered from the two cheeses I made..this morning it was well and truly drained but still lovely and moist. I would love to say I left it overnight on purpose but truth be known I forgot about it last night!!! LOL !!!

I made Ricotta last week with my other cheeses but this time I tried leaving the whey for 24 hours (rather than adding vinegar to acidify it) as I had read somewhere that acidifying it this way gives a smoother cheese…well it was right. Adding the vinegar and making it straight away resulted in quite a grainy cheese – leaving it 24 hours produced a much nicer, smoother cheese….so that’s the way to go in the future.

So as an exercise just to see how efficient making our own cheese is from a cost point of view I had a little look about…..

Ricotta here in NZ at one of the supermarkets is anything between $5-14 for a 250g tub. The amount I got from the whey yesterday was 450g

So the sums:

  • Milk                          = $12:00
  • Starter Culture           = $  1.50
  • Gas                          = $  5.00
  • TOTAL                      = $18.50

(I don’t know if the amount I’ve allowed for the gas is accurate but I am allowing this much as an over estimation)

So for a kilo of Gouda and Cheddar and 450g of Ricotta I am more than happy that it’s efficient from a financial point of view. Efficient from a time point of view ….mmmm…well it does take a lot of time to do but if these cheeses come out tasting good then it’s time I’m happy to invest….we’ll have to wait and see …March for the Gouda and the Cheddar- May at the earliest…you see it’s teaching patience 🙂


What I’ve been doing for the last few days (other than working) …well been making more cheese…I have a new pass time at the moment…now I’ve discovered that it’s not as scary as I thought it would be I’m on a roll!!!

So I now have a Cheddar type cheese maturing (the one I made last weekend) in it’s wonderful wax jacket and in addition 2 Gouda’s maturing in the fridge and another Cheddar sat in the press ( will be out tomorrow to go and air dry).

It’s a fascinating thing to do…and I have cheeses…they look like cheeses anyway….now we’ve just got to wait until they’ve matured to find out if they taste like cheese. The one thing I am learning (other than making cheese obviously) is patience ~ with this new process for me it’s all very exciting while you are making it but then it all comes to an abrupt halt and you have to wait….no choice in the case of cheese.