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Silverstone….a cakey tribute.


Moist chocolate (with beetroot,which is why it’s so moist) cake. With a chequered flag and the outline of the Silverstone track in fondant.


Dolphin cake..


This was a cake I made for a friend’s little girl for her birthday…it was a very simple design really but she loved it so that was the main thing….all edible again. I make everything edible if at all possible ..otherwise what’s the point?!

Cheeseboard cake ..

This was for a friend for her 50th birthday..Clare is very into making her own cheese (which by the way is fantastic!) so this was my offering to her a cheese board cake.. Everything is edible..I really enjoyed making this.

It was all hand painted …no special tools…just knives, spoons, the end of icing nozzles (to make the screw heads in the cheeseboard) and a bit of food colouring (and vodka to mix it so it goes further and dries better).

Spider Cake

Last week was the birthday party of my little one’s friend…7 years old,..his sister was having a party at the same time (the grand old age of 3).

Anyhoo I offered (as our gift probably to his Mum as much as anything LOL!!) to make the cake…

As per usual no fancy tools or tins but I reckon it came out OK…main thing is Dylan liked it….only trouble was he left the spider at the party venue (apparently there were lots of tears about this)…going to see them in the next couple of days …don’t tell him..I made him another spider =)


Pirate map cake

It’s my youngest boys birthday today so:


A Pirate themed cake was requested so…..

The map was made of icing rolled out and then draped over the cake (makes it easier as no making sure it’s all nice and flat!). The map itself I hand painted on before the icing was put on the cake …

Anyone for cake?

I made a birthday cake for a colleague at work ….thought I wold keep it reasonably simple because I decorated in between nights and had to get some sleep…I had made a plan for what it would look like….somehow this is nothing like I had planned{rofwl} {rofwl} …don’t know why I bothered really they never really come out the way I plan with the exception of the cheeseboard cake I did but I was so worried it would go wrong ( and it was my gift for a friends 50th) I stuck rigidly to the plan then.
Anyhoo thought I’d share the end result…don’t be fooled by the flowers going down the sides (they can hide a multitude of sins !).