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Spider Cake

Last week was the birthday party of my little one’s friend…7 years old,..his sister was having a party at the same time (the grand old age of 3).

Anyhoo I offered (as our gift probably to his Mum as much as anything LOL!!) to make the cake…

As per usual no fancy tools or tins but I reckon it came out OK…main thing is Dylan liked it….only trouble was he left the spider at the party venue (apparently there were lots of tears about this)…going to see them in the next couple of days …don’t tell him..I made him another spider =)




Look what I’ve found…..

jessie 061

Anyone who is interested in animation (especially in movies) will have heard of the Weta workshop..http://www.wetanz.com/movies/

Well here’s a Weta…. Smile this one is a picture of one we had on our back doorstep  in Wellington….not very clear but enough to see what it looks like….this is a Tree Weta…. they’re common in suburbs on the North Island.

They look like a big grasshopper and can be up to 40 mm long and most commonly live in holes in trees or where rot has set in after a twig has broken off. The holes are called a gallery, and the Weta’s  will keep things tidy and any growth of the bark surrounding the opening is chewed away. The males have much larger jaws than the females, though both sexes will hiss and bite when threatened.

They readily occupy a preformed gallery in a piece of wood (a Weta motel) and can be kept in a suburban garden as pets…though I can’t say it’s something I have ever had a yearning to do!

Tree Weta are normally nocturnal (I think this was taken about 10.30 at night -another reason why I don’t think they make the most fantastic pets LOL!!)……BUT…..their diet consists of plants and small insects ~so they can be useful in the garden in some ways …unless of course you’ve got prize Petunia’s and then they might not be so discerning and have a chomp on them!