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Golf / Gardening Cake….


DSC04697My friends had a joint birthday party the other weekend soooo…well I had to make them a cake didn’t I.

Amongst other things, Stan (my friend and colleague) loves golf and his lovely wife Chris loves gardening…so the theme was set.DSC04698

I did two cakes Stan loves banana and Chris Vanilla so each side was that flavour. I was intending to do a Ying/Yang shape but it went a bit wonky ….hey the idea was there LOL!!


…and there was more…cake…

Our lovely Bev at work was 70 a couple of days ago…today we all had a little bit of a get together for her…and of course we had to have cake!!!


Been a busy weekend on the whole Winking smile

Another little Unicorn…..


This is the cake I was doing between Christmas and New Year… there were a few differences …well there had to be didn’t there…couldn’t have two the same could I?


So the basis was the same with the Rainbow but I thought I would change what the unicorn was sat on …rather than a heart on Rainbow coloured leaves….the little one was 2 so no sticks for stars I really wanted this all edible….I did a more rainbow coloured mane on the unicorn and covered her with more flowers behind.

I still did some flowers for interest on the back but this time an addition.…a fairy door…. I saw one on the internet made in polymer clay and thought it looked so cute I would do something similar in fondant.


                                                   It was great because a whole story could begin for Neve……

                                                                                       DSC03621                                         ……Look for the fairy door and when you blow the candles out you can make a wish and the fairies can hear from behind the door…  

Her little face was a picture..and her Mum got very excited when they were looking over the cake and found the Fairy door….”Neve, Neve I found the fairy door!!!”  and then got really embarassed because she had perhaps bought into the idea of the fairy door a little bit too much maybe Be right back !!!

A short while later whilst her mum and I were having a chat Neve sneaked back into the pantry and all we heard was this whispered “WOW”…….Now that’s what it’s about.

There is another Unicorn cake (obviously not the same…heaven forbid!!) if you’d like to look.…..https://shadeydaze.wordpress.com/2012/12/10/unicorn-rainbow-birthday-cake/

Unicorn & Rainbow Birthday cake

Well my interpretation of them anyway….

So you start with a few bits of fondant icing…DSC03472and….




You end up with something like this…..my version of a Unicorn

DSC03496   DSC03494

Then because you didn’t tear your hair out enough trying to make the unicorn…you decide you will make hundreds of little flowers and stick them individually on the cake to make the “Rainbow”…yes I did that Flirt male…and it was so relaxing I couldn’t believe it ….no seriously…I lost a few hours just sticking on flowers and it was really relaxing!! (well apart from nearly getting repetitive strain injury from punching out flowers)…I love the gel colours because the colour you get is more “true” if you know what I mean….

So the final cake…


The flowers on the board are to hold the candles…I don’t know why I just don’t find a place on a cake to put candles so I like to think of things to do to put them in on the board.


A view from the top (this was before the other bits and bobs went on)…..


and a sneaky peak around the back …well it’s got to have an interesting bit …it’s so easy to forget the “back” of cake …if there is one….



……….Does a round cake have a back to it?

I did another Unicorn…not the same obviously (can’t have that!!) but if you’d like to have a look…… https://shadeydaze.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/another-little-unicorn/

Archery Birthday Party……

J’s 7th birthday is on the 4th …he is still very into his archery and so asked if he could have a party and cake with an archery theme….

All week the weather here has been gorgeous…up in the high 20’s …not too hot but really nice. Saturday morning it was THROWING IT DOWN!!!! ……………..AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

J’s coach phoned to ask if we wanted to go ahead with the party ….Oh yeah….(as we didn’t have a wet weather plan Embarrassed smile)…..hey they’re boys…. they all live on farming blocks …they’re used to it!!DSC03204

The rain seemed to ease off at one point…in fact the sun came out and I even got hopeful that was it for the rest of the day (the forecast said that was how it was meant to go)…….


……Yeah right! I reckon it only did it to get our hopes up …so it could dash them LOL!!
After only a short time of it being quite warm the heavens opened and we got drenched….but I’ll give those boys their due they kept on shooting those arrows!

10 boys in the pouring rain and they LOVED IT!!!! Although I was worried at one point that I might have sent some home with hypothermia!! (not really!)

Coach’s Mum and Dad who ran the party….what can I say….they were absolute stars!! When they had their little “competition” Josh and his friend won (proof those coaching sessions are paying off LOL!!).

Despite the weather it was a great day and it was something the other children had never done before….a fabulous experience.

After they had their archery session we took them round in front of the clubhouse ..it was the one place that was dry…and set up a table with the food on it ..pizza pinwheels, chips of different kinds, layered colours of jellies with gummy snakes in them,  and my lovely neighbour had made some hot savouries for them to have as well.

The sports ground is absolutely lovely …the boys had something to eat and dried off a bit…the rain stopped for a while and the play area with it’s tunnels and flying fox drew them out soon enough and they were running around whooping it up.

This gave us a chance to set up the pinata…T hooked it up in a tree nearby (handy having an arborist eh?)..it was funny though as part way through the boys spotted him and crikey did they move…the lure of lollies Smile with tongue out …..



Had to be a target didn’t it?! I made this one out of a couple of piece of card and some corrugated card to join the two discs together…lots of duct tape involved in this construction. It lasted long enough for everyone to get a couple of hits with the stick









and then the cake…….

DSC03185 (2)

……The obvious thing would be it needed to have a target…after that I decided (because I had 3 cakes to make) I was going to go for a tree stump and then just kind of wing it!!DSC03186

A view from above…I didn’t want it to be too girly but I wanted it to have some flowers on it and bugs…J helped me make the bugs…VERY important job.

The other side of the cake (well the back of the cake) I just added a few bits to make it interesting from all angles…hopefully.

I managed to get it finished the day before the party YAY!!




Everyone got to take a “medal” home (not that many got that far!)



I think they all had a good time …seemed so anyway…and just as the cake was being cut the Mums turned up ….good timing.










Fairy Cake….


This is for the daughter of a friend who is 6 today……I can’t walk but I can still decorate a cake!

The theme was fairies (as you might have guessed from the picture…well I hope you did !!)…..actually fairies had become my nemesis in the cake world really.

The last time I made a fairy cake I found the whole thing quite disappointing – I didn’t like the fairies and I made a fairy toadstool house which I didn’t like either…the little girl who I made it for loved it but the whole thing was a flop in my mind …so much so I don’t think I took a picture of it (if I can find one I will put it up so I remember how my cake decorating has developed (well I’m hopeful) it’s developed).

I’ve learnt so much and I’ve started trying out new things – some of it taken from watching You Tube (you can learn just about anything from there) and I’ve started looking at other things and then seeing how I can apply them to cake decorating…this was from modelling with polymer clay….it came in handy for doing the hair.

I still need to work on limbs (the first set of legs were rather thin and she didn’t look well!!) but she looks a little healthier here….as I said there’s always room for improvement.

The front was  filled with Ariel’s name (I got the inspiration DSC03087for this from a cake I saw on cake central …a site I visit regularly and I’m a member of). I thought it was a bit different and if I’m completely honest it seemed it was going to be relatively easy to do without needing any fancy schmancy equipment ie letter makers etc..none of which I have.

DSC03088This is a view of around the sides – I added the stars around what is technically the back of the cake ..I think altogether it took 5 as it seemed like it needed something……


Cowboy cake continued….

Well I cracked on today and got it finished..so here it is…I added some bits of foliage to fill in bare sections.,,,brown and raw sugar was used for sand (to give different textures of sand). The logs in the fire are flake chocolate bar cut up into logs and I stuck the candles in so they will be the flames of the fire.


DSC03019You might have noticed (if you read the previous post) that the large cactus had a bit of a mishap …I found that one of the “arms” was a little loose and because I didn’t want it dropping off before the party O decided to adapt it a bit…..so it became a newly emerging cactus coming out of the ground……..I coloured some fondant with a bit of yellow and then put it through the rollers of my pasta maker (to make angel hair pasta)…that became my version of tumble weed.

Anyhoo..hope he likes it Fingers crossed

Cowboy cake….

A friend of J’s is having his birthday this weekend and he is having a Cowboy themed party…with a camp fire so they can roast marshmallows etc…. Sooo I asked if I could make the cake as out present to him and was given the go ahead.

I trawled the internet for inspiration and decided that I would follow the theme of the party and do a camp fire cake …something along the lines of the cowboy having a campfire in the desert (he will not be on the cake..I’m not doing a cowboy!!..not this time anyway Winking smile).

So I cracked out the fondant and thought I would make a start with making some bits at the beginning of the week….

Now I will say again I don’t have all sorts of colours, or decorating tools I work on the basics and do what I can with them…but if someone is doing the same then maybe it will give ideas.

Here’s how they started and look at the moment….

        DSC02962 DSC02972

Cowboy hat …propped the brim up on a couple of chopsticks so it got a bit of a turn up on it..Once it started to dry a bit I painted it with the brown food colouring (equal parts of green and blue food colouring….mixed with a couple of drops of vodka – evaporates once you’ve painted it).


The Bandanna…fondant with a bit of food colouring..rolled out so it ‘s pretty thin ~ hand painted the paisley pattern on it and then folded it so it looked like it had been just put down and had folds in it.



The saddle..I cut out the basic shape of a saddle and then got a skewer and pit “stitching” around the edge of the saddle…then painted it brown.

         DSC02964  DSC02968

Then hubby came in and saw the above and said “Oh you’ve made an English saddle…isn’t it meant to be a western saddle?” ….YES!!!!! but the devil’s in the detail and once said it started to bug the heck out of me!!…so I added a pommel and a “rope” and a saddle blanket (another very thinly rolled piece of fondant and painted with stripes).



Cactus…well the plan is this one is going to stand up on the cake …we’ll see if the plan works…smaller ones at least won’t be a challenge.

                          DSC02973      DSC02983

If you want to make flowers…well I don’t have a flower cutter so small circle (used the top of the colour) petals cut using a veggie knife and then I used some pinto beans stuck into a bit of fondant so I could put the flowers onto them and get them to cup over….once dried they were stuck onto the smaller cactus.

                   DSC02976  DSC02982


A plaque was needed to say what is was all about …this cake…so an old wooden sign seemed the thing…bit of fondant rolled out made a bit ragged round the edges and then just lightly scored to put in the “wood grain”. and finish off painting it with the brown again…rounds of fondant painted black for the nails. 


There are also some stones ..well the campfire has got to have something around it doesn’t it…the flames ….well a birthday cake has to have candles doesn’t it Winking smile 

How it will look when it’s finished I have no idea because I start with an idea in my head and then it kind of evolves……

I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.

Dolphin cake..


This was a cake I made for a friend’s little girl for her birthday…it was a very simple design really but she loved it so that was the main thing….all edible again. I make everything edible if at all possible ..otherwise what’s the point?!

Flowers cake ….

This was for a colleague …I did this quite quickly but I was still pleased with it and the main thing so was she…I did do a bit of a plan for the decorations but it evolved into something else completely …I don’t know why I bother LOL!