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We had a dump of snow over night…and boy did it snow! I had a great time ..took out the 4WD and picked up staff who couldn’t get into work ..it was soooo lovely driving around Christchurch at 5.30am. There was no traffic on the roads (tends to happen when there’s huge amounts of snow) and there was huge areas where the snow was absolutely pristine  The irony wasn’t lost on me that something that was beautiful could cause chaos for everyone – the damage to buildings and the sewer and drainage system doesn’t need the additional water that the snow would bring as it thawed…but just for a split second you forgot the damage the quakes had caused because of the veil of snow hiding it. 

We came out of work and thought we (my friend – who is also my colleague) would take a ride to Pegasus Bay and have a look and see where the snow was on the beach….We chose Pegasus because you can pretty much drive up to the top of the dunes and see the beach…Well it was on the beach..right up to the water line!


1333150969524 ………and it was a bit chilly LOL!!


A wander on the beach…….

I believe I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth…


We took the dogs for a walk ..another busy day…cool isn’t it Winking smile

Got a fish

Not a very big one …a baby sole…and so it got to live again another day

…but I’d never seen one so tiny…..

Another day on the beach….

Well we had another day on the beach with the dogs – our new addition has settled in well and it’s like he was here forever. The beach is the best place for them to let off steam and it’s so quiet they really can let off steam.