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Pasta with Bacon and Peas….

I am working and when I’m working I try to keep things simpleso tonight as the title says…Pasta with Bacon and Peas….actually a little bit more than that but that’s essentially it.

Fry onions, a bit of garlic and bacon (I usually fry the bacon and onions separately and then combine them). Add a tin of tomatoes or the equivalent of fresh ..it’s winter here so fresh not seasonal…then the peas. Now I’d love to put quantities but as far as this tea goes it’s “some” it all depends on how many are eating.

In the mean time cook the pasta and when it’s ready combine the two…usually takes about 20 minutes (not including prep obviously)…et voila!!



New additions……

Well we are back to 2 pigs (the lovely Rusty and Minnie) and as a result have started making plans for next year.

So it’s back to considering the options open to us…

This is not the first time we have reared piglets but it’s the first time I’ve discussed it and the thinking that goes on behind us doing things the way we do them….. so here’s the thoughts on the various things we felt were open to us and the reasons why we did /didn’t do them:

  • Keep a boar – we decided not to do this because: we would need to have somewhere separate to keep him when we didn’t want him near the girls. We would be feeding a pig (eventually fully grown) and he would be there only for the purpose of siring new babies.
  • Artificial Insemination  – we decided not to do this as there is no guarantee it will work first time. If it does then great you get piglets but that’s it.
  • Raise a boar piglet let him get jiggy and then move him to the cold place in the barn – This is the option we have opted for….we feel this way you get a boar that you are familiar with which means we would feel more comfortable when we’re moving him around or dealing with him. The added bonus is that after we let him get jiggy with the ladies and we have 2 litters of piglets on the way or they are here (whichever comes first!) then we move said boar into that cold place in the barn (aka the freezer).
The reason we opted for the last choice was that we get the litters of piglets but in addition we get homegrown pork to boot. This to me seems to be the obvious choice. We have the feed – lots of veg supply for them in addition to meal and we have the space for them.
The other advantage of doing things this way is we can change the crossing of breeds to see what kind of meat we get at the end of things …this is the thing we are most interested in.
So we know what we get when we cross Large Blacks with Wessex Saddlebacks…I had never eaten pork like it. We chose this cross initially as we wanted to have black-skinned pigs – mainly because we thought it would mean they would be less likely to have sunburn and would have a hardiness for the NZ climate but that it would produce a pig of a larger size than the Wessex Saddleback.
This year we decided to try something else….we initially wanted to get a Duroc boar (good bacon pig) but simply there weren’t any around at the moment …so we have got ourselves a Landrace/Large white boar piglet he will hopefully not have too many problems with sunburn and it will be interesting to see what the cross looks like at the end of the day…what colour skin will the babies have???….we’ll find out.
At the same time we got a little gilt – we are going to grow her for some friends who are having a housewarming party at the beginning of next year and hopefully a spit roast……she will be the guest of honour!)
So here are Pinky (named by one of my friend’s sons) and Bert (humperdink..if you look at his back he has a bit of a hump going on ..it was either that or Quasi!!).

They are a little bit nervous at the moment …hey can’t blame yesterday they were happily ignorant poddling about in the place of their birth..then they were put in a crate and had an hour and a half driving back to our place (yes there was lots of straw to bury themselves in as we didn’t want them freezing to death!).
I thought I would get a picture of them inside the hut because it shows just how dinky they really are…they look a bit lost in there at the moment but it won’t take long. Minnie was a bit put out as they have her hut but we won’t put them with the big girls just yet because we want a period of them being on their own to settle and we want the older girls to get used to them being there…and not kill them!
So hopefully, as with all the animals we have here, they will have a lovely life whilst they are here with us.