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Before pictures…..

I thought I should put up a couple of pics of me before the head shave on the 27th …Hi this is me Rolling on the floor laughing !!! (I don’t know if I’ve actually put any pics of me up in my blog)….anyhoo I thought I just stick these up to give people an idea of what I’m having shaved off


I was hoping I could donate my hair and I’ve found out that you can’t donate bleached hair….I’m gutted because I think there is a fair bit that could have been used but apparently bleach reacts in the wig making process so they can’t used hair that’s been bleached. 

Up until now I’ve always coloured my hair (which they can use so can be donated) but I’ve not bleached it since my teens (so it would have been WELL grown out Who me?)….so it’s even more gutting but can’t change it so I just need to get over it.

So heads up if anyone is thinking of doing a head shave make sure you’ve no bleach in your hair.