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South Island JAMA 2014

So once again the South Island Junior Archers Championships came round…. this year was different though as our small but rapidly growing club  were hosting them…the first big competition we’ve hosted. Two days of shooting for the children on the Saturday and Sunday – and many more days of planning and organising for the Committee and parents who volunteered their time to help out.DSC00111

For hubby and I it involved lots of firsts because we’ve become more and more involved with the Club since J joined – hubby is now the Equipment Manager and I’m the Club Secretary. So from a committee and parent volunteer point of view we were involved in the organisation and “doing”  for the days.  I have a white folder which had all the minutes of meetings and job lists for things to do and that had been done….it became infamous and if I had that folder people would avoid making eye contact with me….not that that saved them LOL!!
Fortunately I took some days off running up to and including the comp….bit of an after thought but I’m glad I did because I needed them for all the last minute things I kept thinking of!

On the Friday came the first big learning curve…laying out the range. (I think though I’ve got a pretty good idea of how to do it now thanks to Tim our President who fortunately did know how to!).

Friday we started around 10am  and went on till early evening…

Lines had to be put own first (thanks to the line marker we borrowed from the cricket club that was a much easier process) but a spray can and tape measure were needed and lots of bending to mark where the target centres needed to be positioned (I now have ingrained in my head 1.25 metres in from the edge of the lane !). Targets were constructed and left out ready for the next day. Safety areas were set out (it’s amazing even when people see a sign saying archery in progress they just walk right on through never giving a thought to the fact that an arrow could kill them!)

T had spent days making the target stands (14 of them) and they did the job wonderfully although it was a pity the new bosses didn’t arrive in time (Cyclone Lusi that blew through NZ saw to that…thanks a bunch)..but our very kind friends at another club leant us extra material so we had enough bosses for the day.DSC00112

Saturday and Sunday we had to get up at 6am Confused smile and were at the range in the dawn light for just before 7am…J was in his onesie with a sleeping bag and a pillow in the back of the car so he could get a little more sleep (not that that happened)  and Ali our treasurer did a BBQ breakfast whilst the volunteer ground crew got the targets ready for inspection by the judges……. Anne Mitchell who also happens to be the Vice President of Archery New Zealand and Logan Andrews.  They were both lovely to the children and very kind to us given it was a huge learning curve.

Tim as Director of ShootingDSC00103-001



Tim (Director of shooting)            Anne (Head Judge) and                  Petra (Head Coach)




The line up was just over 40 archers and the weather was great both days which made it much easier for them.







Jo did a fantastic job as Team Manager making sure the children were all hydrated and fed….parents chipped in to help move targets, do a Sausage sizzle (which raised well needed funds for the club)….it was a fantastic effort all round and it makes me proud to be part of it.

Bruce D’Bear who is our mascot got a bit full of himself and took on the role of coach ..but hey what would you do…..and he’s a bit of a Romeo…chatting up archers from other clubs too Winking smile

Bruce 2Bruce D'Bear 1

DSC00148 - Copy

It was an amazing weekend …wish I’d taken some days off afterwards ..I was capoopered !!! …and before you ask yes that is a word and it sums up exactly how I felt lol! Smile with tongue out


If you can’t beat ‘em , join ‘em…

I posted a while back about my youngest son getting into archery (he shoots a recurve bow)…he’s been doing it about a year and a half and in that time we’ve become completely enmeshed in the Club …Hubby is now the Equipment Manager and I’m the Club Secretary  Rolling on the floor laughing

Anyhoo a few months ago hubby got a compound bow – which can be used for hunting.

Hubby and I both recently became qualified Archery coaches …OMG this club know how to suck you in!!!  Flirt male..you know who you are LOL!!

Well I decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! so I’ve got a new toy



Samick 2I haven’t been able to play with it yet because I’ve had Sciatica for the past 2 weeks and standing has been a bit of a challenge never mind using a bow…but hopefully that will change really soon.

It’s very gorgeous and although the matching bow stand wasn’t by design it’s an added bonus LOL!!

Archery Camp…..

This past few days have been a great time for my youngest son J….our coach Petra ( funny reading back through this I realised I’d called her “our” coach  when it’s only the little one who does archery….LOL!!!) organised an archery camp over the school holidays.

So what? ….Well the so what is Coach invited a Mr Laval Dee Falks who is an USA Elite Archery Coach and has been involved as a coach with the USA Dream Team, the USA National team and coached for top archers in the USA (including Junior Olympian Miranda Leek). He has also been involved in the development of archery coaching in the USA and coaches in developing countries….impressed …well I am!!  Not only is a well respected man in his field….it seems to me he puts so much energy into the sport …..When he was leaving us he was going home and then he was off to China….he’s a busy bloke!!

Anyway I digress.. the camp was for 5 days and the invitation was extended across New Zealand…J is only 7 and so because there were going to be lectures which he likely wouldn’t be able to sit through he was able to go for half days which involved working on forma nd technique..pretty much the practical side of archery.

I have to be honest I was worried it would be too much but I needn’t have…he LOVED IT!! Bit daft of me to worry ..I don’t know why I do really – I think it’s because he’s still so small – he’s my baby… BUT …it’s archery and so it is what it is for him…he doesn’t get the opportunity he’s had – the guy is Coach Dee and at the camp he sorted out his shoulders…and that’s it…..nice to not overcomplicate things and so I take my lead from him and try not to overcomplicate things either.

Main thing he had a fantastic time and learnt….what is not to love about that… and I hope that those who came from other clubs had the same experience.

Who knows where he will go with this thing called archery he is after all only 7… but for now ….he is doing something he loves,learning and enjoying it all at the same time….what more could a Mum ask for.

I would like to add to this my thanks to Coach Petra who organised the camp, Coach Dee who came so far to the bottom of the world to share his knowledge, Coach Olivia who carried on regardless (on crutches!), Coaches Mum who did great food (J approved Flirt male) and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the whole thing work.

Oh and I hope that Coach Dee doesn’t drive his wife mad with the shepherd’s whistle he got whilst he was here…because thanks to my husband I think my ears are bleeding! Smile with tongue out



ARCHERY….First competition……

Today was the South Island JAMA Championships…

JAMA (Junior and Midget Archers…no really!! Open-mouthed smile) is the junior section of Archery New Zealand and was formed more than 20 years ago to help cater for young archers in New Zealand….Before JAMA was formed in New Zealand all juniors no matter what their age competed against one another so a 17 year old stood beside an 8 year old shooting for the same trophies and medals. JAMA was formed to make junior archery a much fairer system and now has 5 different age divisions from Kiwi (under 10) to Junior (under 20).

JAMA has their own Maori Motto; Mo Te Uri O Te Waa.
This translated means; Our Young Are Our Future.


DSC04057Now J is only just 7 but he and E who is also just 7… were allowed to take part in the South Island Championships. It was the first competition he had been in …well ever really. We decided if there was ever a title for the smallest archers in the competition well we’d cracked that one straight off Winking smile

It was an early start and cold to begin with but as the day progressed it was sunny and actually pretty hot (around 22/23 degrees)…in fact at times it could have done with being a bit cooler.

The competition lasted from about 10am until 3:15pm with breaks and the end result…..out of the novices our boy won!!!! …..and not only did he win his section he got his 900 pin with a score of 911!!
The next archer scored 775 and the third 586.

All the boys who stood on that podium were from our archery club …phenomenal!!!

I don’t think J gets what he has achieved….he has never entered a competition before and for him to have achieved this blows me away…


Oh and a picture of that all important medal ………….


Proud Mum?…….YOU BETCHA!!!

Archery…the next step.

The new bow arrived for J….by bow standards it’s at the cheaper end of the scale (hey I still think it’s expensive at almost $300) but for him it gives him everything he needs and the means to get outside and just shoot arrows…something he never seems to tire of.


I have to say I never cease to be amazed by how much time he puts into it…he’ll get in from school and go outside and spend a bit of time just shooting.

Snapshot 2 (21-03-2013 11-37 a.m.)

the log pile is at the point he needs to stand for his age(handy eh?).

Snapshot 5 (21-03-2013 11-49 a.m.)   DSC03999


The boss is the box his bicycle came in stuffed with a load of wool we had when we sheared the sheep……It might not be glamorous but it’s a start…

Archery continued….

Well we have a young man who has taken to archery  like…well I’m not sure what you take to archery like but he’s very enthusiastic…twice a week now he is practising …what amounts to about 3 1/2 hours but he’s all for it.

Joshy archery

I am a very proud Mum and it is not lost on me that I won’t have to stand beside a cold rugby pitch in the rain on a Saturday afternoon Winking smile

Anyone for….Archery ?

Our youngest is an outgoing little bod in many ways …he recently decided he would like to have a go at Archery….so he duly went to the local hunting and fishing shop and bought himself a little junior bow and has been shooting it into the bales of hay in the barn…we do have a few worried looking chooks and the cats have sensibly kept out of the way but he has been out there shooting away to his hearts content.

Anyhoo my OH decided he would have a look around at archery clubs an lo and behold there is one not 10 minutes away from us so said young man was very keen to have a go.


and he was even more pleased when he had some success YAY!!!….his arrow is the one which is stuck in the yellow centre of the boss (Oh yeah I can do archery speakWinking smile).

So he has now decided he would like to go back. I think it’s a good idea it will give him something different to do, he’ll meet different people (none of his friends from school go there) and it’s something different to do but still requires discipline and patience so he’ll learn other things as well as how to use a bow and arrow.


Watch this space…..