Salmon Roe "Caviar"…

I decided I would use the roe this time as I’ve never done it before with any fish we’ve used to be honest…. There were two ways that came up…this was the first. Keeping the roe raw and just brining it and then having it like caviar.


Made up a brine of 2 tablespoons of salt and 375mls of water. Bring down to 38deg C and then cover the Roe and leave for 30 minutes.
Once it’s brined rinse with cold water (the eggs go cloudy don’t worry).
In a sieve and with cold water running very gently break the eggs away from the membranes and keep just the eggs. I put them into this little jar then made a small amount of brine with warm water and put the eggs back in and they get there clarity back…..drain and into the jar.
They are like little watery jewels of Salmon that burst when you eat them…I hadn’t had roe like this before and they were really nice.
Apparently they will keep for a couple of weeks.

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