BLACK GARLIC Continued…….

I have been lacking somewhat in the documenting department….but things have still been going on regardless so I’m trying to play catch up.

DSC00460 So the Black Garlic…it’s been a great success and it’s not just me that thinks so Smile

It is delicious…it’s nothing like garlic it has a balsamicy (not sure if that is even a word!), sweet taste. It’s a DSC00465

lovely taste and I think we’re all (and that includes our friends) a little bit addicted. It’s kind of squishy almost like Liquorice …it can be sliced or it can be squashed too. DSC00464

24 bulbs turned into black garlic ……I didn’t buy organic garlic just common o garden garlic…the bags were $3 each. 24 bulbs for $6 total.

24 bulbs of garlic would have cost would have cost me over $200…There is someone selling them for $5 now but that would still be $120.. So from my frugal thinking point of view it’s ticking all the boxes because it’s going to save me in the long run…..not yet though because I went a bought another rice cooker that stays on warm permanently until you switch it off…but it won’t be long until it’s paid its way.  

I’ve got another load in there now…this time 4 bags of garlic …will still need to see how this works out as it’s a new cooker won’t be long though.


2 responses to “BLACK GARLIC Continued…….

  1. What kind of rice cooker did you buy that will stay on the ‘warm’ and not automatically turn off?

    • I there sorry for the delay ..our house is a building site at the moment !!
      I went into the local Cosco and asked them for a model that did what I wanted…I will have a look at the brand for you 🙂

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