Now up until a couple of weeks ago I’d never even heard of black garlic never mind tasted the stuff. A friend and I went to a local farmers market and someone was selling it….it was VERY expensive – well at $9 a bulb of garlic I thought so !!!
So I did what any sensible person would do I bought one LOL!! …and then I came home and we all tried it …it was lovely’s kind of sweet and garlicky…………

………..and then I did the second thing any sensible person who likes living frugally does (because lets face it $9 a bulb isn’t frugal by any stretch of the imagination) and I looked up how to make black garlic and then when I had had my mind blown looked up how to make black garlic at home.

Basically the bumpf said you need to slowly heat the garlic over weeks ….it seems lots of people make black garlic using a rice cooker on the warm cycle……Sooo I bought a second hand rice cooker which had a long warm function on it (24 hours) that I could reset every evening and a couple of bags of cheap garlic (not going to experiment with expensive stuff) and tonight the experiment started…
DSC00456   DSC00457

So the garlic is all wrapped up in a foil package and in 14 days time I’ll know whether it’s worked or not.


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