Cake…a hint of Burlesque…

Well I haven’t been able to do much whilst I’ve been off sick and whilst some think this would be great a time (and in truth I would have been one of those at one time) it has been boring and is now verging on pergatory!!! 

The only thing to provide a break from the boring that was becoming mind numbing was a couple of friends asked me if I could make cakes for them – this was before I fell over and did in my shoulder but it was cutting it really fine to get a cake from somewhere else so I did them


Burlesque 3

A hint at burlesque  for my friends 21   year old daughter. Everything except the feather was edible (including the mask).

Burlesque 2



I had to buy a cheap plastic mask so I could get the shape of the mask and for it to take on the contours of a face. After that it was easy…roll out the fondant so it wasn’t too thick and then cut out the mask shape in the fondant (mixed in with some tylose powder) and onto the mask to dry ….only took a couple of days.

Note to self for the future though ….when you decorate a fondant mask don’t hold onto one piece too long or the warmth from your hands melts the fondant… can’t see it but the piece on the top snapped off (to repair I just melted some fondant to make a glue and pressed the broken bit back onto the mask. Then left it to harden again (which didn’t take long to be honest).

Pity I couldn’t get the colours to show better, the glitter on the mask and writing just isn’t showing …but believe me it’s there.

I was glad I took my time with this as I think if I had tried to do it short notice then I would have paid for it with lots of pain.


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