Onwards and upwards……

I’ve strained my rotator cuff (shoulder) which is agony ..I thought the Sciatica was painful but this has topped it!

I have been to the doctor and so had blood tests done as well (he was thinking maybe Osteoarthritis….good news it isn’t. I also had fasting lipids and blood glucose and the results..
Good news – cholesterol is OK
Bad news – Blood sugars were high and I was told I’m pre-diabetic.
The good news with that is I’m not diabetic but it’s a huge warning. I’ve known since I packed the weight back on that I needed to lose it but this is the metaphorical slap round the face I think I needed (well I hope it is)…losing weight is no longer something I just want to do… I need to do it. I don’t see daily injections in my future and so I’ve got to do something about it.

It’s taken me a few days to process this and I’ve done nothing but read about diabetes on the net (in addition to all the bumpf he gave me) since I found out. So I’m going to REALLY apply myself. Lower fat, lower carb diet -my SW green days will be no more because I need to drop the carbs.

Hubby got a real bargain a cross trainer for $25 (they are around $400 normally) -the computer on it wasn’t working ..actually it was because the wires had come loose so he took it apart and has fixed it ..new batteries and it’s good to go.

We’ve decided to turn our spare bedroom into a place to exercise (gym sounds a bit much)….so youngest son thinks this is great because at 8 years old he’s getting the big bed out of there )grin2(
So I WILL be getting my act together now and be more positive about sorting out my weight this time!!! )grin2(

All I need to do now is find out what’s going on with my shoulder and keep losing weight….simple eh ?!!


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