We had floods…..

Yep ….we had floods….


…not for the first time….this is where they spend hundreds of thousands putting in flood protection….mmmm not sure if it’s really worked.

However to be fair since the earthquakes the water table has risen so much and the ground has been compacted so much that to be honest I wonder just what would work other than building everything up again which lets face it is impractical.
I have to say though I was getting a little concerned at one point because it just seemed to keep on coming..luckily for us we high enough it never seems to be too much of a threat.



Still a waterside property wasn’t something I ever wanted….and I’m pretty certain I don’t want one in the future either (this is the corner of our lounge and the steps  up to the dining room!)



We were lucky (as cross fingers we always seem to be in this weather)….there were farms around us completely flooded, houses being swamped with water, roads closed and impassable. Farmers out rescuing newly born early lambs (what a welcome to the world).


2 responses to “We had floods…..

  1. I have been following the weather patterns globally. I was wondering how you might have been effected. At least you are not in a drought.

    • We’ve had an incredibly mild winter really apart from the water….the temperatures haven’t really dropped. Spring has arrived early here …the daffodils are already out an trees are blossoming, rose buds starting to appear. We’re definitely not in drought and I reckon with all the changes going on with weather we’re actually quite lucky.

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