Aim for a Cure…..

On the 27th April….our archery club had their Aim For A Cure day to raise money for Cancer Research….
It was emotional and amazing and a whole load more in between…..

Things kicked off at 8.45 in the morning…still chilly but the sun was up and looked like it was going to be a good day weather wise…which is always helpful when people are going to be out there all day shooting arrows!



                                                   These are the fur babies…all the older girls have one and so throughout the day Petra (our head coach) would put one of these around her waist for every 100 arrows shot….there were a few!!!


Support was fantastic…..but rightly or wrongly I expected that because of the people they are.


DSC00241…and as the day came to an end a double rainbow appeared….which I have to say had me feeling just a bit emotional…OK I blubbed!




I learnt today what my head looks like now as an adult, which when you think about it not many people actually get to find out unless …and that when I have a shower I only need one towel and a VERY small amount of shampoo Flirt male  Oh and I also discovered I have cold ears and I’m not that keen on hats (they make your head sweat …what’s that about!!?) …yep so winter’s on it’s way …I’m going to have to work on loving hats me thinks Sarcastic smile


One of the most important things is there are now two pony tails that will be made into wigs for people who’ve lost their hair through chemotherapy…..


Every day of your life you learn something new…well I think you do – in fact you should. In addition to only confirming that I know a bunch of awesome people and am so lucky to have them in my life.

(I will say again I picked this site which is NZ based because they don’t have any processing charges for fees.)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”……

I hope when I look back on my life I will feel that applies…so far I’m thinking yes…because on the 27th every person who took part in Aim For A Cure could say this applies…it’s not about saying how good am I but just feeling like you tried to something good for someone else…if one day research manages to find a solution then everyone who helped raise money to keep that research going was part of the solution.

A prime example of this is a young man who recently died. Stephen Sutton… he was 19 years old. Stephen, who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2013 (but had battled with cancer since the age of 15) initially wanted to compile a 46-strong bucket list in the time he had left and in the process he hoped that he could raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust….he achieved so much more when he decided to change tack and not focus on the bucket list …..the amount raised stands at at a staggering £3,898,836.00

Life shouldn’t be measured in time but in achievements Stephen Sutton for example probably achieved more in his (what would be considered by many short) life through his bucket list and the fundraising he did ..he left a heck of a legacy.  How many can say the same?

As it stands at the moment I hoped we would raise $5000 by the time the amounts from all the different places money has been paid into come together (because some paid direct to the Cancer Society) I believe we have achieved that…..makes my heart feel good.


2 responses to “Aim for a Cure…..

  1. I’m sorry for spamming (I’m not actually spam) but I’m trying to help out a friend who’s fighting cancer. If its not too much trouble could you please take a second and check out this link:

  2. Abolutely …link checked …and I’m happy to have it up here….All the best to Cedric I hope he gets the chemo he needs….bless you ❤

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