Aim For A cure…..

Our archery club is like an extended family and I don’t say that lightly…I think we have a very special club and I think a bit different from others (but I’m happy if there are others out there that feel the same about their club too).
Recently two members of our Aimtru Family have been diagnosed with Cancer and so we want to support them and at the same time do something positive.

Cancer affects 1 in 3 people in New Zealand and I think I wouldn’t be far off in saying that most people if they haven’t had experience of Cancer themselves know of someone that has.
There is nothing positive about Cancer …. it robs people of their loved ones…. just the word creates fear.
I had a partial molar pregnancy several years ago …2 years after I had J I lost twins. It was a emotional time as I was 12 weeks pregnant when it was discovered… but in addition to this the molar part of the issue is about abnormal cells….I was told I would need chest x-rays following this and ignorant to what was going on I couldn’t understand why when I had lost babies I would need to have a chest x-ray!…..I was told that those cells can metastasise and go to your lungs…..

My sorrow at having lost children was rapidly replaced by fear as that meant only one thing, I could possibly have Cancer. I had months of blood test every week monitoring beta HCG levels to ensure the molar cells didn’t return but I was lucky….the beta HCG levels continued to drop and after 6 months I was given the all clear….but still now I can remember that fear…just the word.

Recently…….I was talking with one of these people (who I have to say is the most proactive and positive person with regards to fighting her cancer), who had just had her first round of chemotherapy and we were discussing her hair falling out as a side effect. She had made the decision to shave her head when her hair started to come out so she was taking control of how it happened….I suggested when it did I would shave my head too. Her initial reaction was No you don’t have to …No I didn’t have to but I wanted to….I don’t think I feel any emotional attachment to my hair and after all it is only hair …it will grow back and i have a choice about shaving it off. Two days later she told me it had started and so the next day she had her head shaved…
I decided then I would start a donations page for the Cancer Society of NZ ….I will say again there is nothing positive about Cancer but the research still goes on and so the only positive thing that can be got out of the situation is creating something to get money to support the organisations to fund research, provide support to any diagnosed and provide education so people can pick up on symptoms quicker….that is something we all can do in whatever way we decide.
From this conversation the idea has grown and now our Archery Club is going to have a day on Sunday 27th ….two of the coaches are going to do a “Thousand Arrrow challenge” (a 1000 arrows in the day…which is a big effort), the children will be able to do 250 / 500 arrows depending on their age and ability….and at the end of the day…..there will be a close shave for some ~ because I’m now not the only one doing this .

This way our Aimtru family can all participate in showing their support …which is exactly how it should be Red heart


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