Frozen Banana base – Ice Cream

Last week I made ice cream using the frozen banana method….

  • Put some bananas in the freezer
  • Take them out when frozen and peel
  • Chop them up and put them in the food processor – at this time put in any additional fruit / flavour you would like
  • Blitz till smooth and ice cream looking ~ now this can take a wee while and stop starting …you need to keep scraping the mix around as it does block the blades a fair bit but it took in the end about 10 minutes give or take.DSC04729

Well I have to say….I used Blackberries in this one…which I have to say I wouldn’t recommend because of the pips!

It was OK but the banana flavour still came through – fine if you really like bananas ….me I’m not so keen Smile with tongue out…don’t get me wrong I don’t mind them but I was going for a different flavour, the blackberries didn’t quite get there. Needs to be a stronger tasting fruit.

Am thinking I might try it again but with mango or something like that needs a fruit that will take over the banana.
The texture was pretty good though and if I can just get rid if the banana
taste it would be “syn free” ice cream that I can have on my healthy eating.


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