Rainbow Pinata Cake….

My friends little girl (3 on New Years Eve…today) and I were discussing her birthday cake…the request was very specific….a rainbow and a fairy door.

So I had a look on the net for inspiration and found the very thing here….  http://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/rainbow-pinata-cake/5795d355-a6a5-4030-b414-235fe9b750bb

Of course I’d have to put my own stamp on it but it ticked the boxes with a little surprise inside….cut that baby open and M&Ms (or whatever your lolly of choice is) come pouring out (well hopefully that’s what happened).



Use the cake tin to make the correct size rainbow..



DSC04712Cover the cake with fondant, a few clouds and a pot of gold …Oh and of course a fairy door DSC04711


The only problem I had was it was incredibly humid and the fondant started to sweat….so I got it to my friend asap so she could put it in her butler pantry to keep cool for today.

Now I just want to know if the M&Ms did what they were supposed to do In love


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