A Bra cake…aka…Boob cake!

Well it is what it says….my friends son is now 21 years old….and so she asked me if I could make the cake to celebrate his birthday….

Oh the irony!!

I had been asked to make a cake that is going to be auctioned for Breast Cancer Awareness which October is the month for…..I’ve never made a boob cake before and now I’m making two!! Surprised smile

They still need to be a bit tasteful as the 21 year has younger brothers and the other cake will be auctioned so has to appeal to many so can’t be too rude…. but they’ve got to be a bit risqué otherwise what’s the point eh?  I will see how this cake turns out and then depending on if I’m happy with it I might use the same template so to speak for the Breast Cancer Awareness Cake…but 50 Shades of Pink (hey it’s all I’ve got!!).

So for the bra / boob cake …well to start with I needed boobs (never thought I hear myself ever say that!!). Now for this I needed rather “ample” boobs so I had a pudding basin perfect for the size I wanted…perfect.

Now I made up a double recipe of a butter cake mix which I died with red food colour – I cooked this at 160 C for about and 1hr 10 minutes….this meant the centre cooked and the top didn’t get too cooked…..obviously it depends on the oven you use but the lower temp was what

They were a bit flat on the top so I got a craft knife and made the tops a little more rounded and then I have a fine grater that I used just to take out any knife marks….worked pretty well me thinks. Then I cut out a small triangle of  (took this from the bit of cake I sliced off the bottom of the boob) and put it in between the boobs at the bottom so it was the bit on the bra where the bow goes (or in this cake a flower).


I put a crumb coat of pink icing, which actually looks red in this picture …I suppose it was a dark pink in the end and also used that in the middle of the cake (I cut the boob in half).


I don’t have a pallet knife (yet ) but I kept dipping a normal butter knife in hot water and it smoothed things out quite well.


So then I needed to make the skin…I mixed a little peach food colour in with some white icing till I got the colour I liked. I then decided I would cover half with the “skin”  as I didn’t want a double layer of icing on the bottom half….too much icing. That went over the top and was cut and tucked under the cake to give a nice finish ~ as nothing is going to be going around it to hide that edge if need be….it’s a boob after all.


Then came the nipples…I made some nipple shapes I thought looked about right for the size of the boobs and then cut out a circle I thought was the right size …put that over the top and moulded it around the nipple…they got moved around a bit until I was happy they weren’t going to be sticking out and scaring the kids LOL!


Then on went the bra, similar process to putting on the skin…..just enough nipple showing me thinks…any more they’d have your eye out! I used a craft knife to cut the icing once it was in situ….just being careful around the nipple area – didn’t want to slice the nipple in two!!

I bought the black icing because to be honest I couldn’t be doing with trying to colour icing black….I am all for doing things myself but black icing really isn’t one of those things….let someone else do it.


I have a textured roller so I ran that over the icing to give the bra a bit of a pattern (actually I forgot to do it whilst the icing was flat so I had to roll it around the boobs!)



Straps!….you gotta have straps …well you have when you have boobs this size anyway and I added a strip of textured band around the edge of the bra to finish with silver accents to look like studs ~ that’s the  little bit risqué to make up for less nipple…still needs a little bit more though a bit more fluff around the edge of the bra on the boob side….


I’m pretty happy how it came out…so next I get to do it again ….in 50 (well a few) shades of Pink….


Now in addition to the making of the cake also saved some money on  the cake board…we went to the hardware depot and bought a small sheet of hardboard for $6 (I could have bought a larger sheet and probably more economical for $18 but it would have meant going home getting the trailer and going back…nah not at that time….but the point is it has saved me heaps on cake board because I will get loads of boards out it for a much smaller amount of money even having to cover them ….extra wide foil or cake board foil (which will increase the price)…. I still think it’s cheaper.


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