Archery Camp…..

This past few days have been a great time for my youngest son J….our coach Petra ( funny reading back through this I realised I’d called her “our” coach  when it’s only the little one who does archery….LOL!!!) organised an archery camp over the school holidays.

So what? ….Well the so what is Coach invited a Mr Laval Dee Falks who is an USA Elite Archery Coach and has been involved as a coach with the USA Dream Team, the USA National team and coached for top archers in the USA (including Junior Olympian Miranda Leek). He has also been involved in the development of archery coaching in the USA and coaches in developing countries….impressed …well I am!!  Not only is a well respected man in his field….it seems to me he puts so much energy into the sport …..When he was leaving us he was going home and then he was off to China….he’s a busy bloke!!

Anyway I digress.. the camp was for 5 days and the invitation was extended across New Zealand…J is only 7 and so because there were going to be lectures which he likely wouldn’t be able to sit through he was able to go for half days which involved working on forma nd technique..pretty much the practical side of archery.

I have to be honest I was worried it would be too much but I needn’t have…he LOVED IT!! Bit daft of me to worry ..I don’t know why I do really – I think it’s because he’s still so small – he’s my baby… BUT …it’s archery and so it is what it is for him…he doesn’t get the opportunity he’s had – the guy is Coach Dee and at the camp he sorted out his shoulders…and that’s it…..nice to not overcomplicate things and so I take my lead from him and try not to overcomplicate things either.

Main thing he had a fantastic time and learnt….what is not to love about that… and I hope that those who came from other clubs had the same experience.

Who knows where he will go with this thing called archery he is after all only 7… but for now ….he is doing something he loves,learning and enjoying it all at the same time….what more could a Mum ask for.

I would like to add to this my thanks to Coach Petra who organised the camp, Coach Dee who came so far to the bottom of the world to share his knowledge, Coach Olivia who carried on regardless (on crutches!), Coaches Mum who did great food (J approved Flirt male) and everyone who worked behind the scenes to make the whole thing work.

Oh and I hope that Coach Dee doesn’t drive his wife mad with the shepherd’s whistle he got whilst he was here…because thanks to my husband I think my ears are bleeding! Smile with tongue out




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