started out pretty cruisey as days go….woke up late – then realised it was later than I thought as the clocks went forward last night…no biggie.
T went out to collect some archery targets from another club who have very kindly let our club borrow them.

He came back and we thought we’d swap the sheep about in the paddocks…Alf and Magnus have had then run of the other paddocks which means there’s plenty of grass there for the girls now they’re all feeding.

It started out like it was going to be a relatively easy process…but things are never that easy are they…

Magnus was his usual cooperative self and was relatively easy to shift…Alfie however was having none of it. Cut a very long story short he went a little crazy on me started running at me and trying to have a go (fortunately for me I had a bucket which got it and avoided him making contact with me)…too dangerous to have him doing that and the end result is Alf is now minus all those vital parts and is hanging up in the meat safe ..not the way I saw this day panning out in any way shape or form….

End result is Magnus is now on his own in the paddock, the girls and their babies are munching away on the long grass now and we’ll be having mutton tomorrow I think !!


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