A Windy Day….

The wind started blowing during the afternoon and was quite gusty but nothing major…

We had a lamb born about 3.30 in the afternoon and the poor little thing was getting blown about quite a bit.

Later however the wind got stronger and stronger…the Nor’Wester started to blow through …it’s always a strong wind and it’s warm but this one took on a life of it’s own….A windy day…mmmm that’s a bit of an understatement.

We heard fire engines on several occasions …not uncommon when the Nor’Wester blows ..I don’t know why but fires are always more likely when it blows through……we were sat just doing what we do during the evening when everything went black! No surprise the electricity had gone out….

So out came the candles…

Actually it was really nice just sitting having a natter – you forget just how much life takes over and you stop doing the simple things you did so much before….we’ve decided it was a good reminder so we need to take time out to have candle nights and just talk (so you can get something positive out of this).

The electricity was off all night…

This morning:

  • There has been massive amounts of damage all around the South Island. North Canterbury has a lot of forestry blocks ….there are fewer now after the winds blew through… Highways are closed with trees blocking them.
  • Electricity is still out over areas….we’re lucky it seems… The power companies all say the most common cause for the outages are trees falling onto lines, or debris severing the supply….mind you apparently one outage was alleged to have been caused by a pivot irrigation scheme tumbling its way into the set of poles and that took down about nine poles..who’d have thought and irrigation system could be so hazardous!
  • School just 1km up the road still has no power and no water. In addition to this there is a forestry block up at the end of the playing fields – T has been up in his arborist capacity and had a look – lots of work to do there and several trees that need seeing to immediately …so no school today (and I guess hubby is going to be busy soon!).

The poor emergency services had a bit of an increase in calls to them!!


Apparently this time mother nature decided to grace us with winds of over 150km/hr – about 10 minutes away from us at 170km/hr….because earthquakes weren’t enough?!

Oh and back to something important for us…….


Meet Kari  …which is Swedish for wind….kind of fitting I feel. He is our first pure Gotland…a ram lamb and he already thinks he’s all that LOL!!

I’m hoping he might be able to take on the mantle from his dad Magnus (we’ll keep him away from his mum of course)….time will tell.


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