Smoked Eel….

We went out on Friday night of Josh’s friends had his birthday party….parents invited too YAY!!

Anyhoo we went eeling…it’s what he wanted to do and who’s complaining? Not me for sure …I’d never been eeling before so I thought it would be great fun.

So pizza’s eaten off we went ..actually not far from where we live.


We are surrounded by small rivers and streams so there’s a whole range of places to go and have an eel hunt ………and…………



It was a fantastic night and even if I hadn’t caught anything I would have really enjoyed myself…but it was made even better by the fact that I did catch one though…and as you can see not a bad size…all ready to go it was just over 2 lbs 


So this evening we got some apple wood chips and hot smoked it.

Now I like smoked eel but I loved this…maybe because it was straight out of the smoker and onto the table …either way I think I’m going to have to go eeling again pretty soonFlirt male


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