Game Pie…..

T came home the other weekend with a few pigeon breasts, a couple of hares…so we thought it was the perfect time to make a raised pie.

We had some wild boar and duck breasts in the freezer so added that to the mix…..

For the pie I had a look on the net and did a bit of a meld of Delia Smiths

( )

and from this site

( )

I didn’t have any red wine when I decided to do it…and T was out with the truck so I couldn’t get any (as mine is off the road!!)….so I used some red wine vinegar….and a bit of sugar….and do you know what it was lovely as a marinade !

DSC04240                   DSC04243

So hot water crust..which I had never made before but was relatively easy to make…more a challenge to actually get into the tin (I used a springform cake tin)….it was getting it so that you didn’t have a really chunky bit at the bottom of the tin as it comes up the sides….I still think it was a bit thick right in the bottom but hey it was a first attempt.

The meat I mixed with a good amount of salt and pepper (think it could have had a bit more to be honest), some herbs, cinnamon and ginger.

The cooking time was a bit of a guestimate in fact the whole thing wasn’t an exact science  but I got there in the end…….


….and it tasted nice


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