So far this month….

I haven’t posted much but that doesn’t mean life hasn’t been busy…..

– My truck has blown the head…needs a new engine as this is the cheapest option $2000 (ish).
– There was a fire at work and I have had the effects of smoke inhalation for the last couple of weeks
– Last week I tore my calf muscle in bed – the dog jumped up and as I went to shift him with my leg and my calf muscle went pop! Oh Joy…So I am off till next Tuesday at the moment.
– Then T’s car started to overheat….it needs a new water pump (goes in tomorrow)…bye bye $900
– We’ve had rain for almost all of the last 4 days floods everywhere and bridges closed (the bridge near us had one of it’s piers washed away!!

We have lakes in the paddocks we didn’t have before (plus side ducks have had somewhere to float about in) …. apparently there’s a polar surge coming up the country again !!! We’ll wait and see if that happens…
Oh and one of the freezers clapped out on Sunday so we had to shift loads and we’ve been eating a lot of roasts (that were too defrosted)this week ….our neighbours don’t mind though as we invited them round, I’ve made a load of ready meals that we’ve frozen (irony is not lost on me there) and made a shed load of dog biscuits from the liver etc… that had defrosted – so no waste which makes things better.

Do you think we should do the lottery? LOL!!!


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