Mostly I’ll be making…..CAKE!!!

This weekend has been a cakeapaloosa…such fun!!
72 cupcakes in 6 different flavours…Orange, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla and honey, Chocolate rum truffle and Lavender (Oh yes I said Lavender!! – that is culinary lavender)….all topped with another cake in honour of the lovely Sam’s 21st birthday …YAY!!!

DSC04196DSC04197 DSC04198DSC04199


Put them altogether and what have you got……

Happy 21st Birthday Samantha!!!

sam 21st cake

I’ve never made a cupcake tower before so it was a new thing for me….something else to tick off the old cake list…….

…and the added bonus…..I now have the template for the cupake stand !!!


One response to “Mostly I’ll be making…..CAKE!!!

  1. OOh looking forward to the tower pic, well done Manda they are beautiful, and a lovely 21st pressie x

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