Margaret Thatcher….13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher died to day aged 87….now love her or hate I do find it difficult reading the nasty comments on the internet (like with most other things like this that end up on the net)…..
She was a wife, a mum, a grandmother…. her family aren’t responsible for her actions as a Prime Minister (which lets face it she didn’t do in isolation)…I’m sorry but I think it’s wrong that people make those kind of comments about someone’s passing.
I wonder how these people who have so much to say would feel if it was being said about their mother/wife/grandmother…and not just said but plastered all over the internet.
Mrs Thatcher isn’t around to hear those comments anymore but her family are and it’s disrespectful to them while they are trying to grieve about someone who they did care about.
RIP Mrs Thatcher …with Dennis again.


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