Homemade Garden Markers…..

I was looking at ways to make garden markers on the wonderful wide web…actually I was looking for ways to make them that wasn’t going to cost me anything and something I could do over winter. Want to get ready for Spring and planting …and hopefully not growing the huge amounts of thistles that we’ve managed to do this year Flirt male

…fount this blog…..


…and these….

garden markers

Now this is using tin can tops (well we’re only going to biff them in the recycling)…I have loads of either wire coat hangers or some high tensile (really thick) wire that could be used to make the stakes….the only thing I will do differently I think is use Chinagraph pencil to write on the “tags”  as can then be rubbed off again if need be….but I like them so I think they’re going to be a project for the Winter.


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