Today mostly I’ll be making Sausages!!…

Well the picture says it all really….the other day was a monumental one for us really our last pig heading towards colder climates..A monumental day because the pig concerned was Rusty…one of our first pigs who with her sister Mere were our breeding sows.


Rusty developed arthritis in one of her front legs which if you have ever spent any time with pigs is hard because they’re not the easiest animal to get near and she couldn’t stand for a long time on that leg….the time had come and so the deed was done.

As Rusty was getting on a bit (4 years plus) we decided we would make sausages….and so it began.

The bowls in the picture held about 10kgs of pork and fat mixed together…YUM!…and there was more where that came from Winking smile


All in all about 25kgs of Sausages – Cumberland Style sausages (didn’t do them in a coil but made them into sausages so they can be done individually if need be) and Worcestershire Sauce and Cracked black pepper….and 5kgs of Salami.

On top of that about 10/15kgs of diced pork which will be great for casseroles for the winter, Loins of Pork, Belly – one of which has been  turned into bacon and is now sat in the fridge drying out and is going to be cold smoked  which is something we haven’t done before.

It’s been strange not having any pigs but I have to say ….it’s also been liberating as well…

We’ve kept pigs for over 4 years now and it’s a commitment. T has been out everyday feeding  – you can’t miss a day and in fact if you’re too late ….well they come looking for you…. and with a snout that can shift up to 2 tonnes that is no problem for them!!!


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