Another little Unicorn…..


This is the cake I was doing between Christmas and New Year… there were a few differences …well there had to be didn’t there…couldn’t have two the same could I?


So the basis was the same with the Rainbow but I thought I would change what the unicorn was sat on …rather than a heart on Rainbow coloured leaves….the little one was 2 so no sticks for stars I really wanted this all edible….I did a more rainbow coloured mane on the unicorn and covered her with more flowers behind.

I still did some flowers for interest on the back but this time an addition.…a fairy door…. I saw one on the internet made in polymer clay and thought it looked so cute I would do something similar in fondant.


                                                   It was great because a whole story could begin for Neve……

                                                                                       DSC03621                                         ……Look for the fairy door and when you blow the candles out you can make a wish and the fairies can hear from behind the door…  

Her little face was a picture..and her Mum got very excited when they were looking over the cake and found the Fairy door….”Neve, Neve I found the fairy door!!!”  and then got really embarassed because she had perhaps bought into the idea of the fairy door a little bit too much maybe Be right back !!!

A short while later whilst her mum and I were having a chat Neve sneaked back into the pantry and all we heard was this whispered “WOW”…….Now that’s what it’s about.

There is another Unicorn cake (obviously not the same…heaven forbid!!) if you’d like to look.…..


3 responses to “Another little Unicorn…..

  1. This is fabulous! I love the rainbow theme with flowers… and the fairy door – genius! Love it!

  2. Thank you Emma (I have just been and had a read of your blog…WOW that’s a heck of a journey!) …
    The fairy door was a gap filler but it didn’t take long to do which was something I wanted to know basically. I am toying with the idea of making that a bit of a signature on any cakes I make for the children….seems they are pretty quick to make, they can be for girls or boys and they do make that ” a something else to look at” away from the obvious things that should be on a cake (depending on what it’s for)….we’ll see

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