New Year continued…..

I thought I would write this because this is meant to be my memory bank that when I’m old and doddery I can come here and read and have a wistful look as I look back on out life …and maybe if someone says something didn’t happen I can come here and say “Oh yes it did …told you so” (not so wistful eh? Winking smile LOL!!)

We had a lovely New Year’s Eve with our next door neighbours and a few others (mostly with children at our school)….it was a lovely evening (other than their son ended up in A&E having been smacked on the forehead with a cricket bat!…he is OK but it put a bit of a downer on New Year for him poor thing).

The Christmas and New Year period have been so wonderfully warm (temps in the high 20’s)…not too hot…just right (well for me anyway) . The evening was warm until around 10.30pm and then we all just moved into the house.

I spent a quiet evening with a bottle of Amaretto (I don’t tend to drink much through the year but I do love my Amaretto Di Saronno (has to be Di Saronno I might add).

We toddled home at around 2am … no driving for us just a walk along the berm in the pitch black (no street lights but luckily the moon was pretty full) …perfect. 


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