Christmas Cookies….




Thought they would be a bit of fun for the children and a bit of cookie bling for the adults DSC03609


Just something a bit different for me to do…all part of this journey I seem to be taking into icing and decorating with it….



These are rolled sugar cookies covered in fondant …….and do you know what …I think I prefer this to flooding. Don’t get me wrong I like flooding with icing but this was quicker….I like quicker Winking smile


I wish I had made more of the snowmen…why?…because they were really quick …a bit of food colouring and a couple of minutes and hey presto a snowman !!! Not as big as the Christmas trees…so good for the smaller squids.


                                                            I like this as a way of covering the cookies…keeps things much more simple…roll out the fondant and cut it using the same cutter as  you did for the cookies….DSC03613

                                               ………..Then add your own decorations ….these are mine. They’re a first attempt and whilst they don’t have the finesses that I’ve seen on some….it’s a start.


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