Unicorn & Rainbow Birthday cake

Well my interpretation of them anyway….

So you start with a few bits of fondant icing…DSC03472and….




You end up with something like this…..my version of a Unicorn

DSC03496   DSC03494

Then because you didn’t tear your hair out enough trying to make the unicorn…you decide you will make hundreds of little flowers and stick them individually on the cake to make the “Rainbow”…yes I did that Flirt male…and it was so relaxing I couldn’t believe it ….no seriously…I lost a few hours just sticking on flowers and it was really relaxing!! (well apart from nearly getting repetitive strain injury from punching out flowers)…I love the gel colours because the colour you get is more “true” if you know what I mean….

So the final cake…


The flowers on the board are to hold the candles…I don’t know why I just don’t find a place on a cake to put candles so I like to think of things to do to put them in on the board.


A view from the top (this was before the other bits and bobs went on)…..


and a sneaky peak around the back …well it’s got to have an interesting bit …it’s so easy to forget the “back” of cake …if there is one….



……….Does a round cake have a back to it?

I did another Unicorn…not the same obviously (can’t have that!!) but if you’d like to have a look…… https://shadeydaze.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/another-little-unicorn/


12 responses to “Unicorn & Rainbow Birthday cake

  1. Awww what a beautiful cake, an awful lot of hard work must of gone into this one! x

    • Thanks for your comment ….yep it took a while to make but truly I found it quite relaxing just sticking flowers on for a couple of hours. It was the first time I’d tried making a Unicorn so I’m pleased it came out looking even half horse like (well in a cute kids horse kinda way 😉 )

      • i would be really happy with the way it turned out! It looked great! x

      • Well it seems it impressed others…another one of the mums at school asked if I could make her little one who is 2 on New Years Eve one….how could I not do that 🙂

      • yeah, I wouldn’t turn that down… I wouldn’t know how too, so you starting another one now haha? x

      • Yep…I’ll make the cakes after Boxing Day and then make all the bits to go on them over the next day…then back to work on nights so will have to make the cake in the evenings as I finish again on New Years Eve morning LOL!! So I’m not giving myself much chance time wise if anything goes wrong!!

      • Hi sorry for my late reply! I have given blogging a break over the very busy christmas! I am really interested to know how this turned out in the end? 🙂


      • It went well…they loved it and I did a bit of a variation …well can’t have two the same can I – this prompted me to get the pictures on…so should be above this one now..I didn’t get many photo’s of it so I’m hoping I’m going to get some more sent to me and I will add them.

      • ooo Yes that sounds fab, no of course no two can be the same. Please link them, would love to have a look! x

      • Mmm I’ve linked them ..I think not sure about doing this on here (I really need to get a bit more techno on here)..LOL!

      • I can see it! It looks so fab! Incredible well done another Amazing cake 😀 x

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