Christmas Decorations…

Salt dough!!!!…the perfect and frugal way to make your own Christmas deccies. I know it’s not a new idea but it was for J…we’ve never made Christmas decorations this way before and as we weren’t going to eat anything produced it was the perfect pastime for sick boy Winking smile

So ….2 cups of flour, a cup of salt a little water, a few cookie cutters and some arty farty design (J loves this phrase and it has repeated on numerous occasions …I think the farty word it the draw LOL!) and we were off….DSC03356DSC03358-001DSC03359

Into the oven to dry on a low heat …and make sure it is low or they get very dark and puff up (yes I know this from experience!!)…I reckon you go for what’s low on your oven …all the “recipes” say 170 ish…my oven seems to consider this the ideal temperature to cremate !! I think the temperature might need calibrating perhaps???

Anyway out they came and out came the Acrylic paints…..


J did quite a few decorations putting his own twist on them…apparently the Angel is a Ninja Angel … I didn’t go there so never got to how he came to this conclusion Flirt male

DSC03370 DSC03372DSC03369       




The tree has our thumb prints in it…so it will be one of those decorations I can reminisce over in years to come…


                                                                             DSC03376                                                    The red baubles…they are my tribute to kiwiana..the red is like the Pahutakawa (the New Zealand Christmas tree), the green fronds are like the New Zealand fern and represent the four of us…and the 4 white dots are representative of the Southern Cross.. They will be heading to the UK for the grandparents (if my mother-in-law is reading this pretend you didn’t see this bit …hey at least you’ll know what they’re about now LOL!! x x x)

These were just a bit of white acrylic paint and a red permanent pen.


All they need now is a varnish and we’re done …

We got at least 20 decorations out of the 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt …I rolled the dough quite thin..about 5mm as I thought it wouldn’t take too long to dry. I think it’s about right for you average decoration…well it is for us anyway.


2 responses to “Christmas Decorations…

    • Thank you Emma….the decorations you did are lovely !!! I love the fruit ones you did …a friend of mine in the UK did some of those and I think they are soooo pretty like little stain glass windows.

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