Christmas Cards….

Pretty much got on a roll with the whole Christmas thing…so today cards. 

I rediscovered paper snowflakes….Oh my I haven’t made them since I was little….Actually there were paper snowflakes but I also tried out foil snowflakes …lovely shiny snowflakes to go on Christmas cards….DSC03443

Foil is a challenge (shall we say) you have to be careful when you unfold them as they seem to develop their own mind and want to rip themselves apart but when you can get them apart I think they look lovely….

                                                                   These cards…our version of Pop-ups……

DSC03462  DSC03466DSC03465

They are very simple to do …you just have to make sure that whatever you are going to “pop up” isn’t too tall or when the card is closed it sticks out …I opted for Christmas trees (mainly because they were easy to do)



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