Yeah alright I know that’s a corny title but it’s all I’ve got!!

Today the Trout spent a little time in our cold smoker (as below)…aka a wine barrel that has a U.F.O. Cold smoker on the side (which is essentially a tube you put your wood chips in and that’s attached to a pump for a fish tank to pump a small amount of air through to keep the chips smouldering and release a small amount of smoke – designed and tested in good old NZ!!)….it’s the first stage of our home smoking journey……we used apple wood chips as we’ve found that using Manuka can give fish a bit of a medicinal


…and the results were pretty darn good if I so myself!! The apple wood chips gave a really lovely subtle smoke flavour ..slightly sweet (pleasantly so) ..nice to use for fish we think.

So tonight we had cold smoked Trout and salad for tea.

DSC03348  DSC03346

T has now been told he needs to get a wiggle on and catch some more Trout…like that’s going to be a chore Winking smile


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