Archery Birthday Party……

J’s 7th birthday is on the 4th …he is still very into his archery and so asked if he could have a party and cake with an archery theme….

All week the weather here has been gorgeous…up in the high 20’s …not too hot but really nice. Saturday morning it was THROWING IT DOWN!!!! ……………..AGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

J’s coach phoned to ask if we wanted to go ahead with the party ….Oh yeah….(as we didn’t have a wet weather plan Embarrassed smile)…..hey they’re boys…. they all live on farming blocks …they’re used to it!!DSC03204

The rain seemed to ease off at one point…in fact the sun came out and I even got hopeful that was it for the rest of the day (the forecast said that was how it was meant to go)…….


……Yeah right! I reckon it only did it to get our hopes up …so it could dash them LOL!!
After only a short time of it being quite warm the heavens opened and we got drenched….but I’ll give those boys their due they kept on shooting those arrows!

10 boys in the pouring rain and they LOVED IT!!!! Although I was worried at one point that I might have sent some home with hypothermia!! (not really!)

Coach’s Mum and Dad who ran the party….what can I say….they were absolute stars!! When they had their little “competition” Josh and his friend won (proof those coaching sessions are paying off LOL!!).

Despite the weather it was a great day and it was something the other children had never done before….a fabulous experience.

After they had their archery session we took them round in front of the clubhouse was the one place that was dry…and set up a table with the food on it pinwheels, chips of different kinds, layered colours of jellies with gummy snakes in them,  and my lovely neighbour had made some hot savouries for them to have as well.

The sports ground is absolutely lovely …the boys had something to eat and dried off a bit…the rain stopped for a while and the play area with it’s tunnels and flying fox drew them out soon enough and they were running around whooping it up.

This gave us a chance to set up the pinata…T hooked it up in a tree nearby (handy having an arborist eh?) was funny though as part way through the boys spotted him and crikey did they move…the lure of lollies Smile with tongue out …..



Had to be a target didn’t it?! I made this one out of a couple of piece of card and some corrugated card to join the two discs together…lots of duct tape involved in this construction. It lasted long enough for everyone to get a couple of hits with the stick









and then the cake…….

DSC03185 (2)

……The obvious thing would be it needed to have a target…after that I decided (because I had 3 cakes to make) I was going to go for a tree stump and then just kind of wing it!!DSC03186

A view from above…I didn’t want it to be too girly but I wanted it to have some flowers on it and bugs…J helped me make the bugs…VERY important job.

The other side of the cake (well the back of the cake) I just added a few bits to make it interesting from all angles…hopefully.

I managed to get it finished the day before the party YAY!!




Everyone got to take a “medal” home (not that many got that far!)



I think they all had a good time …seemed so anyway…and just as the cake was being cut the Mums turned up ….good timing.











2 responses to “Archery Birthday Party……

  1. What a clever cake. Was that fondant frosting that you used to shape the trunk?
    My computer was down so I have lots to catch up with everyone now that I am fixed.

    • Yes…I am not great with a piping bag (yet :P) so far I use fondant on the cakes but I would like to learn more about using frosting as well….this surprised me …as I “pleated” the fondant to make the roots and it was easier than I thought it would be.
      Good to see you back on line I have been super busy this weekend but saw you were back posting so will be popping over to your blog to have a read soon.

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