Made a start….

We have a BBQ coming up next weekend J and T have birthdays 3 days apart (great time to do in my knee eh?!!)

Anyhoo have to get planning on cakes etc so thought I would make a start yesterday..the cakes can get made at any point but I need to get going on the decoration for them..

He always misses out on cake because it’s J’s birthday and the focus tends to go on that ..not this year. Hubby is a keen hunter and so I wanted to do something with that theme. I saw a photo on the net of this stag against the moon and so thought I would see if I could reproduce it.

Rolled out a bit of fondant and cut round a cake tin slightly smaller than the cake I’m planning then let it sit for half an hour to develop a crust then used colour gel mixed with a little vodka (the alcohol evaporates and leaves the colour behind) to paint the picture.

Now it’s stored in an air tight container until next week until I can pop it on the cake…I don’t want it to go too hard until it can go on the cake or it won’t sit on the top properly.



4 responses to “Made a start….

  1. Wow, this looks so amazing! Nicely Done! =D

  2. Thank you …hoping the cake will go as easily…have 3 to make for this weekend now as discovered a recent friend’s birthday is the same day as J’s and it’s her first birthday away from the UK…so thought I’d make her a cake….hoping I can juggle them and get them finished!!

  3. Since I am reading your posts backwards I see it was fondant. Thanks for passing on the tip about vodka. I am going to remember that. I have some Christmas baking to do. I have a blog to write this morning so I better get started. I will be catching up all week. See you soon.

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