Cake Pops!!


Never made them before so thought I would give them a go…GREAT FUN!! Will definitely do them again..learnt a lot from this batch which will hopefully make the next batches easier…lessons I learnt…

  • Don’t freeze them too long (spot the one that cracked)
  • Add a little bit of Kremelta (vegetable shortening) to the chocolate or Candy melts …it gives a much more fluid coating mix which doesn’t pull the cake pops of their sticks (Oh yes I did that!) and is less likely to seize as a mix as well (I did that too!).
  • Will have to get an edible pen to do the eyes etc as I’m not sure the colour gel and vodka (I always use this mix as the vodka evaporates and leaves the colour) are the best thing for putting onto the coating…it worked but wasn’t the best thing I don’t think.

Would I buy a cake pop maker….mmm I’m not sure. I suppose it would depend on how much they were going to get made…but I can think of all sorts of things I could make them for …lets face it the only limitation is your imagination Flirt male


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