Fairy Cake….


This is for the daughter of a friend who is 6 today……I can’t walk but I can still decorate a cake!

The theme was fairies (as you might have guessed from the picture…well I hope you did !!)…..actually fairies had become my nemesis in the cake world really.

The last time I made a fairy cake I found the whole thing quite disappointing – I didn’t like the fairies and I made a fairy toadstool house which I didn’t like either…the little girl who I made it for loved it but the whole thing was a flop in my mind …so much so I don’t think I took a picture of it (if I can find one I will put it up so I remember how my cake decorating has developed (well I’m hopeful) it’s developed).

I’ve learnt so much and I’ve started trying out new things – some of it taken from watching You Tube (you can learn just about anything from there) and I’ve started looking at other things and then seeing how I can apply them to cake decorating…this was from modelling with polymer clay….it came in handy for doing the hair.

I still need to work on limbs (the first set of legs were rather thin and she didn’t look well!!) but she looks a little healthier here….as I said there’s always room for improvement.

The front was  filled with Ariel’s name (I got the inspiration DSC03087for this from a cake I saw on cake central …a site I visit regularly and I’m a member of). I thought it was a bit different and if I’m completely honest it seemed it was going to be relatively easy to do without needing any fancy schmancy equipment ie letter makers etc..none of which I have.

DSC03088This is a view of around the sides – I added the stars around what is technically the back of the cake ..I think altogether it took 5 as it seemed like it needed something……



2 responses to “Fairy Cake….

  1. Awww, this looks so heavenly. yummy! =)

  2. Thank you…I appreciate that because I think your cakes are stunning!!
    …Getting inspiration from others (like yourself mydear :)) means I can have a go and at least see if I’m heading in the right direction….I know there is always room for improvement but I must admit I feel like I am pushing myself more and trying new things all the time.
    So thank you to all you cake makers and decorators out there because you have no idea how much all your hard work is appreciated and means peeps like me don’t have to have as much imagination LOL!!

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