Cakes and all that jazz….

Thought I would add this as it’s on my mind following on from lovely the comment Momoe made re the cowboy cake. It’s another reason that I’ve discovered that I like blogging is that comments coming back are thought provoking….

Well that’s what this blog is for …a place for me to store my thoughts and anything else that comes to mind Smile

The party has been and gone and the cake was a hit (thankfully!!) …My friend said she’s had lots of questions from the other Mums about whether I do or would make cakes for other people (as in charge them for it)….I’m not sure about that really for a few reasons.

– I do love making them and I worry if I start doing them more regularly I will stop loving it? If I’m honest this was the most relaxed I’ve been making a cake (I was admittedly a lot more organised …and long may it last Fingers crossed) but as a rule I do put quite a bit of pressure on myself when I’m making them because they are important to me. This is primarily because I know they are important to the person who’s asked me to make them and also because if it al goes horribly wrong it’s not much of a gift is it?!

– I’m not sure if they are good enough for someone to pay me for them…that is not false modesty…I look at some of the cakes on the internet on the various sites and blogs I visit and I am continually amazed – they are incredible. I don’t know if mine would stand up to scrutiny..and I never truly know how they are going to turn out …there can be a theme to head towards but I can never guarantee how it will look like eventually.

– Time…there’s never enough of it!!!!! The bottom line is I work full time, we live the life we live and that that entails which gives us little down time on the best of days…..I make cakes as a gift but would I want to add extra work on a more regular basis (because once you start…well you know how it can go potentially)

Anywhere there it is…it’s one of those things who knows what will happen in the future…Oh but in the meantime I’ve got another cake to make next month…party boys sister  Rolling on the floor laughing


One response to “Cakes and all that jazz….

  1. Some of the cakes we see that are being shown on blogs are done by cake makers that decorate cakes for an income. It takes many hours to put together a food blog. I really admire the ones who can post daily. I am getting better at it but still find it hard to do every day. I enjoy some of the interaction that I get to have with other bloggers. I try to make comments on blogs that I follow when I have time. I was asked by another blogger that I blog with on an other forum to do a food blog. I started it to pass on recipes to him anothers we blogged with. So it has ended up being a labor of love.

    I am glad the party and cake turned out great. We are the most creative when we are doing it for people we know. Thanks for the shout out.

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