Cowboy cake continued….

Well I cracked on today and got it here it is…I added some bits of foliage to fill in bare sections.,,,brown and raw sugar was used for sand (to give different textures of sand). The logs in the fire are flake chocolate bar cut up into logs and I stuck the candles in so they will be the flames of the fire.


DSC03019You might have noticed (if you read the previous post) that the large cactus had a bit of a mishap …I found that one of the “arms” was a little loose and because I didn’t want it dropping off before the party O decided to adapt it a bit… it became a newly emerging cactus coming out of the ground……..I coloured some fondant with a bit of yellow and then put it through the rollers of my pasta maker (to make angel hair pasta)…that became my version of tumble weed.

Anyhoo..hope he likes it Fingers crossed


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