Cowboy cake….

A friend of J’s is having his birthday this weekend and he is having a Cowboy themed party…with a camp fire so they can roast marshmallows etc…. Sooo I asked if I could make the cake as out present to him and was given the go ahead.

I trawled the internet for inspiration and decided that I would follow the theme of the party and do a camp fire cake …something along the lines of the cowboy having a campfire in the desert (he will not be on the cake..I’m not doing a cowboy!!..not this time anyway Winking smile).

So I cracked out the fondant and thought I would make a start with making some bits at the beginning of the week….

Now I will say again I don’t have all sorts of colours, or decorating tools I work on the basics and do what I can with them…but if someone is doing the same then maybe it will give ideas.

Here’s how they started and look at the moment….

        DSC02962 DSC02972

Cowboy hat …propped the brim up on a couple of chopsticks so it got a bit of a turn up on it..Once it started to dry a bit I painted it with the brown food colouring (equal parts of green and blue food colouring….mixed with a couple of drops of vodka – evaporates once you’ve painted it).


The Bandanna…fondant with a bit of food colouring..rolled out so it ‘s pretty thin ~ hand painted the paisley pattern on it and then folded it so it looked like it had been just put down and had folds in it.



The saddle..I cut out the basic shape of a saddle and then got a skewer and pit “stitching” around the edge of the saddle…then painted it brown.

         DSC02964  DSC02968

Then hubby came in and saw the above and said “Oh you’ve made an English saddle…isn’t it meant to be a western saddle?” ….YES!!!!! but the devil’s in the detail and once said it started to bug the heck out of me!!…so I added a pommel and a “rope” and a saddle blanket (another very thinly rolled piece of fondant and painted with stripes).



Cactus…well the plan is this one is going to stand up on the cake …we’ll see if the plan works…smaller ones at least won’t be a challenge.

                          DSC02973      DSC02983

If you want to make flowers…well I don’t have a flower cutter so small circle (used the top of the colour) petals cut using a veggie knife and then I used some pinto beans stuck into a bit of fondant so I could put the flowers onto them and get them to cup over….once dried they were stuck onto the smaller cactus.

                   DSC02976  DSC02982


A plaque was needed to say what is was all about …this cake…so an old wooden sign seemed the thing…bit of fondant rolled out made a bit ragged round the edges and then just lightly scored to put in the “wood grain”. and finish off painting it with the brown again…rounds of fondant painted black for the nails. 


There are also some stones ..well the campfire has got to have something around it doesn’t it…the flames ….well a birthday cake has to have candles doesn’t it Winking smile 

How it will look when it’s finished I have no idea because I start with an idea in my head and then it kind of evolves……

I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.


2 responses to “Cowboy cake….

  1. Isn’t that clever. I hope he is pleased with the effort you have put into it.

  2. Thank you Momoe…I think it was appreciated 🙂

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